1:1 Counselling Services

At the Wellness Centre we appreciate that some people may need and want face to face counselling.  At our private clinic, we offer a safe, confidential settle to explore and understand your needs and difficulties. 

Our health professionals are trained to listen, be patient and seek out what is troubling you and work with you to resolve any concerns or issues that you have.  Often a 1:1 support service allows the health professionals help you to see your problem in a different light.

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Online Chat Counselling

We appreciate that sometimes people are looking for messaging services or help and this is why we have introduced our online chat service.  After an agreed pre-arranged time, we will liaise with the client and offer an instant messenger service.  This will allow real time response and enable the client to ask as many questions or discuss as much as they feel able at that time. 

Online chat can be reassuring to many and many feels that by interacting with someone on an instant messenger platform, it is almost like being in the room with them and they can take comfort from this.  Online Chat is completely confidential, and you need only give the information you want.   Our health professionals would never access any of your date, social media platforms or any other information when offering this service.

Arrange Online CounsellingCounselling Benefits

Counselling Benefits

The benefits of 1:1 counselling are:

The client is able to explore all the areas that are troubling then in their life and talk freely, openly and safely. You can be angry, sad, frustrated, mad it does not matter to our team, what matters is letting you know that you are not alone and that together we can work through this difficult time in your life. We can help you reflect on your problems in a calm environment and break down the barriers that have become a burden to you. 

Together, we can work out a plan including session times, number of session and what you hope to achieve from your sessions. We will listen to you, understand you and above all help you to overcome any difficulties that you have and ensure that you come through the other end a much stronger, healthier, resilient individuals.

The benefits of Online Chat counselling are:

Following initial connection, we will be in touch with you to agree times, dates and any information you wish to discuss and would like us to know before the chats start.   Sessions can be agreed including cost if any and any cancellation information. 

A problem shared truly is a problem halved and at the Wellington Centre we want to make your life as easy as possible.