Looking after your employee's health.

Employee Assistance is fully funded by employers to offer a wide range of supports to employees.  Employees are afforded confidential support and counselling as well as advice on a wide range of issues from personal concerns, work-related illness through to money management.

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Why choose us?

We work with you and for you.  We operate our Assistance for Employees Programme in partnership with AMS Ltd.  Together, we are market leaders in the services we provide.  With over 30 years’ experience in the occupational health industry and experienced health professionals, Wellington Wellness and AMS are well equipped to meet your company and employee needs.

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We offer support to HR departments, senior managers, employees and their families.   Our staff have direct links with NHS, allowing us to provide relevant and up to date medical information at all times.  Similarly, we have teamed up with experts to ensure that the financial advice we offer you is second to none.


We retain all information for you regarding usage, services and access confidentially which means we can pull information together for you free of charge at any time. We take the hassle away from you to allow you to get on with you supporting your staff.

Available 24/7

With a dedicated team running the service, we put your needs first ensuring you will never be without assistance and your employees will feel safe in the knowledge that there is help, guidance and reassurance 24/7.