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At Wellington Mental Health and Wellness we believe no one should feel isolated or abandoned at a time when they need help most.

The catalyst for setting up Wellington Mental Health and Wellness Trust was the loss of our sister, Mary. Mary was a much loved sister, daughter, mother and friend; she was the life and soul of the party. Christmas 2018 saw Mary take her own life and the loved ones she left behind struggling with a pool of emotions. Many of Mary’s family struggled to find support with some citing helplines and organisations as tick box exercises. We wanted to find ways in which people could reach out and find that support and to work with organisations such as the NHS to promote good mental health, whilst recognising the importance of an individual’s own primary care giver.

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We help you overcome life's hardships,  Mental Health 

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, loneliness, overthinking, working from home, bereavement, family issues or money worries. Reach out today!

Our Support Groups

We understand that there are times when we can all become overwhelmed by feelings of loss, abandonment or worry for our future. Our support groups for both men and women provides support and an opportunity to share feelings, personal experiences and coping strategies to protect and improve mental health and wellbeing.

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Our Service

  • Support Groups
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Therapy
  • Employee Assistance

Helping with...

  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Depression
  • Work Problems
  • Life Balance

At Wellington Mental Health and Wellness we believe that good mental wellbeing is an essential resource for life. Our Wellness Centre offers a number of treatments and therapies to help promote this and build resilience.

As well as our Support Groups we offer bespoke one to one therapy sessions at a subsidised rate to help you when you are struggling. There are no long waiting lists, the sessions will be at a time that suits you.

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The Wellington Process...

Reach Out

Call us for an informal chat if you are not feeling yourself and are struggling to cope.


Join us at one of our support groups, 1:1 Therapy Sessions or Virtual Support Sessions.


Learn coping skills and further develop your well-being with additional treatment and support.

Looking after your employee's health.

Employee Assistance is fully funded by employers to offer a wide range of supports to employees. Employees are afforded confidential support and therapy as well as advice on a wide range of issues from personal concerns, work-related illness through to money management.

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With your donations we can help those who need immediate help.

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